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Straight Corners



Straight Corners is a sophisticated table with its elegant base. With its beautiful design, this table fits into a modern interior!

Special wishes?
Are you looking for a table in other dimensions, with a special leg, a different color or type of wood, please let us know. We are happy to look at it with you.



240x100x76, 260x100x76, 200x100x76, 200x110x76, 200x120x76, 220x100x76, 220x110x76, 220x120x76, 240x110x76, 240x120x76, 260x110x76, 260x120x76, 280x100x76, 280x110x76, 280x120x76, 300x100x76, 300x110x76, 300x120x76


Oak Black sky, Oak Pure Matt, Oak Toscane Antic, Oak Wengé

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