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With model Giro, the circle is complete. It is precisely here that forms serve function. A round foot provides hold to a round wooden top, via a straight (round) column. Not static or heavy, because the faceted edge to the oak top offers the table exactly the lightness it needs.



Ø110 cm, Ø120 cm, Ø130 cm, Ø140 cm, Ø150 cm


Antracite, Ceramic 1: Antracite collo, Ceramic 1: Bianco saluto, Ceramic 1: Calce Nero, Ceramic 1: Grigio collo, Ceramic 1: Savoia Perla, Ceramic 2: Caravage, Ceramic 2: Diamond cream, Ceramic 2: Marquinia nero, Ceramic 2: Noir desire, Ceramic 2: Pietra grey, Clay, Clear oil, Groove, Tabacco, Walnut, White wash

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