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The column of dining table Momo not only provides hold, it also makes this table an instant eye-catcher. A powerful column as a fixed base, combined with a natural top – a good duo. The sloping edges of the oak top are a smooth addition and give the table a calmer appearance.



Antracite, Ceramic 1: Antracite collo, Ceramic 1: Bianco saluto, Ceramic 1: Calce Nero, Ceramic 1: Grigio collo, Ceramic 1: Savoia Perla, Ceramic 2: Caravage, Ceramic 2: Diamond cream, Ceramic 2: Marquinia nero, Ceramic 2: Noir desire, Ceramic 2: Pietra grey, Clay, Clear oil, Groove, Tabacco, White wash


130×118 cm, 140×128 cm, 150×138 cm, Ø 140 cm, Ø130 cm, Ø150 cm

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